Tait Radio Installation

Tait Radio Installation

Tait Radio Installation

Eurocopter AS350 B3 Series
Eurocopter AS350 B3 Series Rotocraft

To install a Tait FM Transceiver into the rotorcraft for mission orientated communications


This modification carries out the installation of a Tait FM Transceiver into the rotorcraft, integrating to the rotorcraft communication system. The 12V Tait radio draws power from a 28V/12V converter installed under MF 1135-01 and connects to the rotorcraft audio system via a selection switch selecting either HF or Tait Mic Audio.

This modification must be embodied concurrently with the following design change packages:

  • Techair Design Change MF 1134-01 Satellite Telephone Installation
  • Techair Design Change MF 1135-01 Parrot Bluetooth Unit
  • Techair Design Change MF 1132-01 Icom HF Installation
  • Techair Design Change MF 1141-01 Aera 500 GPS

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