Experience the beauty of New Zealand’s Southern Alps with Mt Hutt Helicopters. Flights that take you soaring high above alpine lakes and river systems, enjoying stunning views that stretch from snow capped mountains to the seas, to breath-taking heli-adventures which promise to get even the most seasoned thrill-seeker’s adrenalin pumping – however you want to experience this stunning part of the country our highly-skilled team will help you create life-long memories.
Top off a day on the ski field with the thrill of a flight high over the Mt Hutt Ski Area, enjoying panoramic views over the agricultural patchwork of the Canterbury Plains, the ski field and the dramatic Rakaia Gorge. Suitable for large groups.
NZD $85.00 Per Person, allow 6mins (minimum group of 4)
 This scenic flight take you over the impressive Canterbury High country with views spreading out into the Southern Alps.  Landing at Lagoon Saddle hut provides a sensational photo opportunity before flying off around the summit of Mt Hutt and enjoying views over the Canterbury Plains to the Port Hills and south to the Hunter Hills.
NZD $260.00 Per Person, allow 25mins (minimum group of 2)
This scenic flight takes you winding up the North Ashburton River, out into expansive back country with impressive views of the Taylor Range and down to Lake Heron.  Land up on The Black Hills and experience the chill of snow between your hands or just enjoy the spectacular views of the Rakaia River system.  Continue the journey out over Lake Coleridge, home of the landlocked Chinook Salmon as well the Brown and Rainbow Trout before returning via the Rakaia Gorge along the Mt Hutt Range.
NZD $400.00 Per Person, allow 45mins (minimum group of 2)
New Zealand’s Southern Alps mountain range has dramatic glacial peaks which are remnant of the ice ages.  This spectacular scenic flight takes you on a journey through a vast range of alpine lakes and glaciers as they carve their way amongst rugged towering peaks.  On the return enjoy a landing on The Black Hills with breathtaking views along the Rakaia Gorge and Lake Coleridge.
NZD $645.00 Per Person, allow 1hr 15mins (minimum group of 2)
Seeing is believing on this dramatic and awe inspiring scenic flight.  Enjoy magical views of the patchwork of the Canterbury Plains agriculture as you lift off and travel inland to the contrast of vast high country plateaus and peaks.  Discover the stunning turquoise of glacial fed lakes, dramatic ice gardens and an array of New Zealand’s tallest peaks.  In the midst of this rugged landscape enjoy photo opportunities of the jewel in the crown, Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak at 3,754m.
NZD $1340.00, allow 2hrs 15mins (minimum group of 2)
When its time to celebrate a significant occasion, treat that special person to a breathtaking picnic. We’ll fly you to secluded snow capped mountains or a romantic alpine lake leaving you to take in the stunning views of the Southern Alps. Take your time as you indulge in the freshly prepared gourmet picnic lunch complete with a bottle of Champagne.
Price NZD $450.00 Per Person min 2 pax

All prices valid until 30th September 2017.
Duration, landings and flight path are all weather dependent and can therefore vary on the day at the discretion of the pilot.