Mt Hutt Helicopters are proud to be committed partners of the farming community, offering a range of helicopter charter services dedicated to the support of the local agriculture industry. Our highly experienced pilots have vast, hands-on knowledge of agricultural, commercial and precision helicopter flights and are comfortable operating in high workload environments. We’re proud of our flawless safety record, and remain committed to providing an exceptional level of service for our clients.

Last October MHH purchased new carbon fibre spray gear for our Squirrel helicopters.  This Airborne System spray gear is lightweight with the spray booms mounted well forward to improve the spray pattern.  This investment in the very latest spray technology highlights our long term commitment to providing top quality service to our farming clients.

All Mt Hutt Helicopters aircraft are fitted with Satloc GPS. This is an aerial guidance system which provides proof of placement of all fertilisers and chemicals being applied. The resulting map (example to the right) shows where the aircraft have flown on a job and where the spray system or fertiliser bucket has been engaged. This gives farmers assurance that the product is being applied in the correct place at the correct rate.

Some of the core services we provide South Island farmers include:

  • Gorse, broom and brushweed control
  •   Chemical topping
  •  Defoliation and herbicide application
  • Farming chat (Large)
  •  Insecticide/trace elements applications
  •  Dry Fertiliser application
  •  Fine Particle suspension fertiliser application
  •  Application of urea on maize
  •  Winter greenfeed and kale
  •  Frost protection
  • Seed application
  •  Regrassing
  •  Fire lighting and control
  •  Mustering
  •  Water tank and fencing material placement
  •  Assisting with snow raking

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