Satellite Telephone Installation

Satellite Telephone Installation

Satellite Telephone Installation 

Eurocopter AS350 B3 Series
Eurocopter AS350 B3 Series Rotocraft

To provide non aeronautical communications for role operations


This modification installs a Flightcell cradle designed to hold an Iridium satellite phone onto the RHS of the instrument glare shield. The cradle is secured to the glare shield using a locally fabricated bracket. An AEM AA34-200 universal radio interface is installed on the instrument panel avionics shelf to allow interface with the rotorcrafts existing audio systems.

This modification must be embodied concurrently with the following design change packages:

  • Techair Design Change MF 1141-01 Aera 500 GPS
  • Techair Design Change MF 1135-01 Parrot Bluetooth Unit
  • Techair Design Change MF 1133-01 Tait Installation
  • Techair Design Change MF 1132-01 Icon HF Installation 

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