Fertiliser Spreading

Fertiliser Spreading

Aerial spreading by helicopter enables land managers to reach remote terrain and also beat wet ground conditions. Aerial application means zero damage to crops and leaves behind no soil compaction issues.

The provision of agricultural heli-services is our core competency. For larger areas, we can now offer application rates which are comparable with ground application operators and deliver excellent coverage, particularly on difficult terrain or irregular shaped paddocks.

Proof of Placement

We use the Satloc G4™ aerial guidance system to deliver proof of placement data. This model features improved connection speeds for downloading job and shape files and prescription maps. The Satloc G4 features video capabilities including Skype™ and Ethernet connectivity for cell-based modems. Background maps are also available. Maps enhance flight navigation and confidence by allowing our team to view flight information such as spray, waypoints, and polygons on background maps.

Spreadmark Certified

Mt Hutt Helicopters are Spreadmark Certified. The Spreadmark scheme is a fertiliser placement quality assurance programme. It has as its objective the placement of fertilisers in locations where they can be of the most agricultural benefit and the least environmental harm. The precision placement of fertiliser requires a number of factors. It depends on the careful integration of operator skills, sound spreading equipment and appropriate fertilisers. It is the integration of these factors that is at the heart of the Spreadmark scheme.


  • Eurocopter Model AS350BA (Squirrel)
  • MD Helicopters MD520N (Notar)
  • Spreading buckets linked to the GPS
  • Sat Lock G 4 aerial guidance system)
  • Merlo P25.6L Loader
CAA, Part 137 Agricultural Operations -

CAA Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate CAA Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate (326 KB)

Spreadmark Accreditation - 

Spreadmark Accreditation Spreadmark Accreditation (526 KB)

Aircare Accreditation -

Aircare - Certificate of Accreditation Aircare - Certificate of Accreditation (625 KB)

Satloc G4 Specifications -

Satloc G4 Specifications Sheet Satloc G4 Specifications Sheet (3613 KB)

Satloc G4 GPS Features -

Satloc - GPS Features Satloc - GPS Features (115 KB)

Merlo Specification -

Merlo Specification Merlo Specification (4891 KB)

Spreadmark Code of Practice -

Spreadmark Code of Practice Spreadmark Code of Practice (1288 KB)