Providing Helicopter maintenance on and off shore in addition to working in remote areas of Indonesia.
Kershaw Aviation Group Ltd, based in Methven (NZ) can take care of your maintenance requirements for the following series (but is not limited to):
R22,R44 Bell 206, MD 500, 520N, AS350 Series, AS355 and BK117.

Mark (Small)
•    Standard inspection and Maintenance control
•    Refurb – Paint – Custom fit
•    ARA’s
•    Pre purchse inspections
•    Modifications


Modifications Available:
AS350 Series Mods:
•    Garmin Aera 500 GPS Installation Mod # MF1141-01
•    Icom IC-F7000 HF Installation Mod # MF1132-01
•    Tait Radio TM8115 Installation Mod # MF1133-01
•    ST-3400H HTAWS Installation Mod # MF1140-01
•    Parrot Blue Tooth Installation Mod # MF113501
•    Iridium Satphone Installation Mod # MF1134-01
•    RCA 2600-3 Dig Horizon Installation Mod # 1142-01

* Lidar pod Installation Mod 210/431/EI1

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